ThemeRoller for Twitter Bootstrap.

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BootSwatchr is the only Bootstrap customizer to support Right-To-Left language display. This feature is not included in any version of Bootstrap. Many thanks to Kiarash for developing and supporting this feature.


BootSwatchr is a visual tool for creating a custom Bootstrap theme from the ground up.

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What's with the Ads?

BootSwatchr is developed and maintained solely by Drew Strickland. The ads help to keep the lights on and the servers running.


The customize page for Bootstrap is great, but it doesn't give a visual representation of the changes you are making.

Bootstrap is an awesome tool, and BootSwatchr helps you keep it looking awesome.
Fast, free, and user friendly.

How it Works

Bootstrap uses a library known as LESS to create dynamic, modular stylesheets. BootSwatchr uses the same technique but makes sure to give you a preview of the changes you make, as you make them.